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For modern panel production for the furniture industry, adequate quality control is indispensable. During the production, to set up the manufacturing machines, at the end of the work shift for quality control, on acceptance of semi-finished products from third parties and for product certification, the electronic workstation ensures the quality of your products and cuts machine stops and the time taken for assembly, there by increasing productivity.

The electronic workstation is a real “quality control station” able to check almost all dimensions on the length, width and thickness  of the panel.
The tolerance of max. 0,1mm mistake on the whole device  surface  is guaranteed. First quality components as well as highly automated processing cycle ensure the extreme precision of the workstation.
Last production step consists in the complete and scrupulous inspection effected also using certified block gauges. The electronic workstation can also operate in dusty environment.


Panel dimensions
Out of square angles
Distances between hole centres
Parallelism and orthogonality between holes
Depth of vertical and horizontal holes
Dimension of grooves on panels
Profiles on shaped panels
Possibility of zero-setting to left and right
Execution with 6-position revolver to speed up feeler pin change.

Blocking system by means of  2 vacuum units. Useful when small panels are measured (optional).

SOFTWARE (optional)
For a rational use of the electronic workstation, a special software program has been developed to suit the requirements of modern furniture production and semi-finished products.
Completely worked out at m.conti preset calibri strumenti di misura in collaboration with expert computer engineers and advise from important manufacturing companies, the software has been developed considering and trying to solve all producers’ requirements.

1) To check and compare a finished piece, or a CAD execution of the piece.
The elements which can be measured are:
- Panel squaring
- Vertical holes
- Horizontal holes
- Cuts
- Relative distances

2) Graphic mode:
To digitise a sample piece and create a DXF file.
The elements which can be digitised are:
- Curves

Using the software program we can visualize the measuring taken on the display and compare them with those requested  thus detecting any mistake in production or out of tolerance dimension.

A final report showing the measures taken can be printed, stored or attached to the production batch.

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