The first model of Tornado® was introduced in the market in March 2014 experiencing a great success among worker and machinery operators due to its great results. Since that time, many other producers have tried to copy our Tornado® making only "poor copies". Now, Sistemi has developed and introduced in the market, a NEW VERSION of TORNADO®, even more efficient, reliable and higher performance.

The new solution by Sistemi helps both dust and chipwoods evacuation during Nesting and conventional CNC Routing operations. klein tornado chip and dust conveyor clamping nut for nesting cnc machine
Easy to assemble directly on the collet chuck instead of the standard nut, the new Klein Tornado® provides a big improvement of dust evacuation, removing it from the work piece directly into the centralized extraction system of the CNC machine.


  • Available in three diameters: ø80 - ø92 (for those who have problems of space in the tool changer of CNC machine) - ø98
    Tool body in light alloy
    Special surface hardening treatment for longer performance and coating against wear and corrosion, for a much better chips' evacuation.
    Suitable for every type of collet chucks (ISO, BT, HSK ...) using standard router bits (no adaptors needed!)
    Maximum tool diameter: Tornado ø98= 70 mm / Tornado ø92= 68 mm / Tornado ø80= 60 mm
    Optimal gap between Tornado® and material is 2 mm (0.078"). It works properly up to 10 mm (0.393").
    Maximum speed rotation up to 20.000 RPM
    Balanced at G2,5
    Tool weight 0,265 kg (0.58 lb)
    Single packed in carton box